Meetings and Events

A Happy Ending for Your Event

There are many factors that go into whether your event turns out successfully. As a host Nicolai Des Coudres has got what it takes to make it all happen for you. This expert in presentation and communication leads the program with aplomb, giving each event its own individual character. His poise and authenticity set the tone for the show to the very end.

Nicolai Des Coudres shows off your company’s strengths. What are his?

His effortless style

Nicolai Des Coudres proves that levity and respectability can go hand in hand. In his performances he is able to walk that fine line between professionalism and informality, thereby giving the event an open, lighthearted yet businesslike feel. He plays the role of host but with the heart of an entertainer.

His live performance skills

Nicolai Des Coudres does not read from a teleprompter. He does not appear on TV. One must see him live. In his performances he strikes a tone that immediately resonates with his audience and keeps them riveted.

His style of presentation

His performances are marked by a devoted interest to the theme of the event and an appreciation for his fellow performers. His spontaneity and characteristic dry humor form a recognizable and totally individual style of presentation.

His preparation

Nicolai Des Coudres writes the text for the presentation himself. He takes ample time to conduct a briefing with his clients and to do his own background research. By the time of the performance, he is perfectly well prepared for the occasion, its theme, and its speakers. And, if necessary, he is able to incorporate any last minute changes to the agenda.

His English proficiency

Nicolai Des Coudres addresses international guests in English confidently and eloquently. He is sensitive to national idiosyncrasies and diverse mentalities, and he loves the spirit of international events.

His professional background

Nicolai Des Coudres studied banking and communications. This education along with his many years of employment in the corporate communications department of HypoVereinsbank AG make it easy for him to prepare and present material from any industry.

His body size

His body size gives him a physical USP. At 6’8” he has the distinction of being the tallest presenter in Germany. Event participants always seem to enjoy standing beside him comparing his height to theirs, which makes it the perfect ice breaker at his appearances.

The Solution to Your Compliance Problem

B2B events today need a message and, for compliance reasons, they cannot offer pure entertainment to the participants. Nicolai Des Coudres makes sure that an entertainment-free event will still be entertaining. In his appearances he employs select magic tricks, carefully and professionally, to present his clients’ message. With his customized magic, he transforms otherwise dry B2B meetings into attractive events that comply with the rules.


“Dear Mr. Des Coudres, with your presentation you succeeded very well in giving our event a totally distinct, entertaining, and laid-back tone. This relaxed atmosphere was clearly felt by all the participants. Also, the otherwise standard midday fatigue was, thanks to your contribution, not at all to be seen.”
Sabine Klara and the team from secova.

“We speak about you so often, because our clients speak so highly of you in our meetings with them. You gave our event the right setting. Thank you for presence and your professional preparation for the speakers, the actors, and the organizers. You succeeded very well in involving the partners and participants, with the result that no one, not even for a minute, became bored. My compliments to you as a professional. I hope that you have many more engagements, and please don’t lose your spontaneity; it is amazing how you so artfully integrate it into your performance.”
Heike Klein, Key Account Manager, ESTREL Berlin

Nicolai Des Coudres led us through our kick-off meeting with humor and amusement,always appropriate to the situation. His professional briefings and implementation of the content combined with his wit and magic tricksthis is his métier. Many thanks for the great collaboration.
Hans-Peter Braun, Event Management, W&W Service GmbH