Tall Talk® – The Nicolai Des Coudres’ Brand!


What does Nicolai Des Coudres’ brand stand for?

The brand name Tall Talk® represents Nicolai Des Coudres’s competence and qualifications: The “Tall” stands for his command of the stage. This native of Hamburg, with a height of 6’8”, has an impressive and, in the best sense of the word, striking physical presence. He is able to master any stage format with aplomb, and as a team player, he makes sure to share the stage with whomever he presents.

The “Talk” stands for his competence as an experienced communicator. He is a self-assured live performer who seeks out direct contact with his audience. Within a short period of time he builds bridges and establishes connections. His style is characterized by face-to-face communication and interaction. Event guest love his mix of professionalism, casualness, and spontaneity. They are happy to play along and allow themselves to be transformed from attendees to participants.

Tall Talk® stands for an open and outgoing attitude. Sociability is the “mother of all soft skills”. The ability to easily interact with other people expands our horizons; it makes us happier in our private lives and more successful in our careers.

“The grandeur of a profession is…above all, uniting men: there is only one true luxury, that of human relationships.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Nicolai Des Coudres is an expert in the field of quality of interaction, networking, face-to-face communication, small talk, and sociability. His brand promise can be encapsulated in three words: “Contact made easy”. In his keynote speeches, he imparts tools and tips for how guests at an event can more easily come in contact with one another. Building bridges of communication makes events more successful from a social perspective. In his presentations he sets the tone and creates a humane, communicative atmosphere for the event. Nicolai Des Coudres is a humanitarian and true entertainer. He encourages contact among people, and it is lots of fun to experience him at work.