A True Entertainer

Nicolai Des Coudres sees himself as a true entertainer who brings people together with his exciting performances. His magic is a sophisticated form of entertainment which appeals to the audience’s intellect and elicits strong emotions. People are happy to experience the illusion because it arouses in them that most rare and precious of emotions: wonder!

When the guests laugh and marvel at the magic together, new bridges of communication and connections are made. And in the end, it is these personal connections that makean event memorable and worthwhile.

Reputation for Quality

Performing magic at corporate events has been Nicolai Des Coudres’ core business for the past 15 years. In this time he has earned a reputation as a quality performer. His clients value his ability to tune into the context and character of an event through briefings and his own research. By doing this he is able to reach the audience immediately and address heterogeneous groups as one.

Nicolai Des Coudres’ shows are done stand-up. He engages people face to face, surrounded by the audience. In this kind of direct entertainment format, he showcases his legendary spontaneity, wit and rhetorical skills, along with his ability to fully involve the audience. His performances put the guests at ease, allowing them to release work tension, gain new energy, and develop camaraderie. And this effect carries over to the next working day.

Nicolai Des Coudres’ Specialty: International Social Events

The world comes together at multinational corporate events, international meetings and conventions, and major trade shows. With his unique brand of magic entertainment Nicolai Des Coudres strikes a chord with an international crowd. His confident, spontaneous, and eloquent delivery in English appeals to everyone. He is sensitive to national idiosyncrasies and diverse mentalities and loves the spirit of international events. His stand-up shows offer the “Triple-A-Effekt”: Awareness, Attention, Attraction. Nicolai Des Coudres is available for international events in Germany or for events worldwide― for great team-building moments!


“Hello Mr. des Coudres, once again many thanks for the wonderful evening we spent with you. I could not have imagined better entertainment. All the guests were more than enthusiastic and will certainly have the best memories of you. It did us well once again to laugh ourselves to tears and at the same time to be astounded.”
Kristina Keil und Team der SCA

“You could still see the amazement in the participants’ eyes even on the day following your performance. Through your “magical powers” you create an atmosphere that is cheerful, relaxed, and interesting.”
Konrad Klimek, AUDI AG

“Dear Nicolai Des Coudres,
allow me to take the opportunity to once again extend a heartfelt thank-you for your―in the truest senses of the words―magical and enchanting evening at Guttenberg. My guests rave to this day about your great artistry and, above all, your extraordinary personality, which one may come to know through your performance. You succeeded in inspiring my family, my guests, and me, and I hope to be able to receive you very soon at my home on another occasion.”
Baron Enoch zu Guttenberg, on the occasion of a private performance at the Guttenberg estate.