Nicolai Des Coudres: Himself


With an artist for a mother and a businessman for a father, Nicolai Des Coudres combines the family talents as a freelance presenter, speaker, and expert in live communication. Born and raised in Hamburg, he learned the banking profession at Vereins- und Westbank (today HypoVereinsbank AG) after his studies. Later, he studied communications at the Academy of Communications in Hamburg.

Before he became a freelance corporate entertainer, he worked for three years in the corporate communications department at Vereins- und Westbank AG, where he oversaw the bank’s renowned culture-promotion program, “Jugend kulturell”. At this time he developed, among other things, the 15,000 euro “Jugend kulturell Förderpreis” for young artists, a prize which is now awarded yearly by the HypoVereinsbank AG.

In the following 15 years, Nicolai Des Coudres has been booked as a professional close-up magician and trade fair entertainer for national and international events. The experience and entertainment expertise that he has gained through direct contact with live audiences in this time have shaped his style of presentation as a host and speaker.

In his private life he is known for his joy of life and his eclectic interests. He loves to go on voyages of discovery in his trips throughout Germany. On any given day, one can find him at modern museums of art or English landscape gardens.

Nicolai Des Coudres dedicates most of his time to his family. He is married and is the father of four children. His wife is a professional first harpist in an orchestra. The two live together with their daughter and three sons in the Munich neighborhood of Nymphenburg.


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